Handel: "V'adoro, pupille"

Submitted by Cailean on Fri, 12/09/2016 - 16:18

I bought the DVDs of this production of Handel's opera Giulio Cesare in Egitto (Julius Caesar in Egypt) from eBay 2 years ago. It was an Oxfam Shop down south in England was selling it secondhand as mint - it costs a small fortune new off the shelf! Anyway, it is one of the best DVDs I have ever seen - Glyndebourne Opera seem to be able to pull off unbelievable productions.

I love this aria "V'adoro, pupille" - Cleopatra (the stunning Danielle de Niese) basically chats up Julius Caesar (the marvellous Sarah Connolly). Yes it is a woman playing a man's role - in days gone by, men singers castrated as youths aka "castrati" often played the main role, that of the hero. These "castrati" were the superstar celebrities of their day to rival any boy band - they had the power of a grown man's voice but the high range of a soprano - hence why their roles are now often played by women! There's only so much anyone should sacrifice for their art - sticking to the piano is generally safer. PS Danielle de Niese is amazing!