Vector young man

Submitted by Cailean on Thu, 05/18/2017 - 14:26

This is probably my first real attempt at vector full length view of an individual in a simplified style, but not flat (ie details like folds in clothes etc). What became interesting was how to block out shapes that in overlap in natureĀ (and in Illustrator layers overlap too!!). The face and chest are interesting as the chest is underneath the t-shirt and jacket, but the face is above the jacket, so to speak. So my solution was to cut the shape into two at the neck line, so the chest layer could go below the clothes, and the head layer above the clothes (but under the hat :) ).

I'm beginning to recognise what a cool implement the Pencil tool is, for less mathematical things like shoe laces and wavy creases in clothes. It's accompanying tool the Smooth Tool is a little miracle!! If your path is selected (V), then with this tool draw along the part of path that are too lumpy or have unnecessary anchors cluttering up your line - keep working it until it "pops"!! Really helped me get the clothing edges more flowing and pleasing to the eye.

With the clothing folds and other lines, I tried out different stroke varying width profiles, usually going for the one with the tapered ends. Also round caps helped soften lines.

Vector full length young guy