Old Style Logo 1

Submitted by Cailean on Thu, 04/27/2017 - 19:32

I enjoyed this first attempt at a timeless old-style logo. Notable lessons learned were creating an artistic brush by creating a small filled ellipse, then setting the end points to straight angles. Drag that shape into the brushes panel. You can then apply this to paths, giving a calligraphic quality to flowing line ornaments.

The repeated wavy background line was created by pen tool line as long as the box, then applying Effect: Distort: Zig Zag
Resulting line was copied to bottom, then a Blend applied of 20 steps.

My name is in Futura Demi 34pt.
Copperplate Gothic Bold 38pt is the banner.
Web tech etc is Calibri Light 16pt, as is London etc.
Web address is Calibri 27pt with a -20% arc applied. The other arcs are +20 arc.

Old style logo