Illustrator: Corporate Lobbying for Nuclear power

Submitted by Cailean on Tue, 04/11/2017 - 20:07

This is a reproduction of a stunning design from the great book on the language of images, Lingua Grafica from the German MUTABOR design house.

Nuclear power & corporate lobby

It isn't an exact reproduction, but rather a challenge I set myself to recreate in Adobe Illustrator
Rotation is used in the radiation symbol on the hard hat and also the wings of the wind turbine. Cutting into shapes following the contours of other nearby shapes was achieved by replicating a copy of the contour shape and expanding it's path offset (Object: Path: Offset Path), then using that to cut into the other shape using the Pathfinder: Minus front function.

The effect of the pocket was achieved by first constructing a shape using the pen tool (drawing one curving side and alt-dragging it to make exact copy). This shape was copied 3 times in total, hiding the front most one and subtracting the 2nd from the 3rd, then making the front visible again.
The red turbine stand was drawn as one shape, then a rectangle drawn across it simply to "punch out" that area using Pathfinder and thus creating two parts.