Submitted by Cailean on Thu, 02/16/2017 - 23:18
Lynda online courses - industry standard quality education

One aspect of IT & tech is that they are areas which keep growing and developing. We only have to look at such an iconic device like the iPhone, which has only been around for 10 years! Similarly, a skilled IT pro needs to keep developing, learning, rethinking, reimagining .... and that means investing time, money and effort into mastering tools and techniques to achieve new and exciting solutions & projects.

Being someone who believes passionately in quality education & clear communication, I find that Lynda.com provide some of the best industry standard online education available. To quote their own aims:

Learn business, creative, education and tech skills taught by expert instructors

Here is a link to my own certificates of completed courses - it continues to be updated frequently as I invest in skill-sets and expertise in creative IT solutions: