Dove of Peace badge

Submitted by Cailean on Tue, 12/13/2016 - 20:00
vector revreation of a peace badge

December 2016

A vector graphic inspired from a small metal pin badge, recreated in Adobe Illustrator

Black line weight approx 15 point. Good practice in using the Pathfinder Panel tools in Illustrator, particularly in constructing the globe.
The circle of the globe was copied (Alt dragged) to form the upper and lower Latitude lines, and also doubling (copy and paste in place) the original centre circle and forming a tear-like intersection. Making the centre circle visible again then  gave a globe effect.
A similar process was use to create the middle curved lines, they are again a copy of the central circle (Alt drag) and using the Scissor tool, a section of the circumference was cut (the two end points) and the rest of the circle deleted. The opposite line is just a copy of that once flipped into mirror image.

Dove of peace and a globe, with laurel leaves left