Introduction to Gaelic Psalms

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8th August 1783 At Inverary

After Prayer, Roll called, and marked;

The Synod of Argyle being met, and duly constituted; and having resumed the consideration of the Psalmody approved by the General Assembly 1781, and translated into Gaelic, at the desire of the Synod, by Mr JOHN SMITH, one of their number, they agreed that the same should now be revised and examined in a Committee of the whole Synod; which being  done, the Synod  unanimously declared themselves well satisfied with the translation, and appointed the Moderator, in their name, to thank MR SMITH for the great pains he has taken in executing it in so faithful and beautiful a manner; and being convinced that the publication thereof will be of general use throughout the Highlands of Scotland, they recommended to the Translator to prepare a copy for the press. And being further sensible that the editions of the Gaelic version of the Psalms of David now used, stand in need of some corrections, they further recommended to Mr Smith to take the charge of publishing a new edition of the same, with the emendations which he submitted to the consideration of the Synod, and which they approved, in order that the same may be offered to the public; together with the translation of the new Psalmody. And the Synod being desirous that this edition, so corrected, as well as the version of the Paraphrases, may meet with the approbation of their brethren within the bounds of their Synods in the Highlands, they recommended to circulate, without loss of time, a few copies among them for their inspection and remarks. And, as the Synod hopes, that what they have thus, upon mature deliberation, approved, will give general satisfaction, and be of common utility, they did, and do hereby earnestly recommend the same to the countenance and encouragement of the several Synods within whose bounds the Gaelic language is spoken; and also to the countenance and encouragement of the Honourable the Society in Scotland for Propagating Christian Knowledge.

Extracted by

Duncan Campbell,
Synod Clerk.