Helpful Gaelic Phrase for 'Fairtrade'?

Submitted by Cailean on Wed, 12/09/2015 - 16:42

Stornoway Co-op

I get annoyed when people start doing their "oh Gaelic isn't a proper language" or the ever so witty "ok then, what's the Gaelic for 'helicopter'?" etc. Well, no one yet has told me what the English for thousands of words like 'spaghetti', 'radio' or 'algebra' is either - but I don't usually give in to any overpowering urges I might ever have to question the use of the English language on that basis.

I think that it's great that the Gaelic language continues to grow and develop to describe the world we increasingly see around us. BBC Gaelic broadcasting (it's the radio service I prefer over the TV) has done fantastic work in familiarising us with new & useful (and sometimes beautifully thought out) vocabulary.

I was delighted to see plenty of excellent Gaelic signage in Lewis and especially Stornoway in my recent trip, and I believe it helps cement a sense of acceptance and pride for our language which we haven't always had - in fact which we have rarely had. 

That said, I couldn't help but wonder if there wasn't a better "helpful Gaelic phrase" which could have described the Co-op Fairtrade Espresso Bar? Surely there is a Gaelic for 'Fairtrade' that would fit? Any suggestions? (Not a dig at the Co-op btw, they have plenty really good bilingual signs, although few that are this big inside).

And anyway.....

Dè am Beurla a tha air "espresso" co-dhiù??

Fairtrade Gaelic