This piece of peace art was created by the great artist Picasso. Picasso’s drawing was commissioned by the World Peace Council in 1951 when campaigning against NATO’s drive for German rearmament.

The animation was done by tracing the artwork by hand in After Effects with the pen tool, each line housed in a separate Shape layer. To each line was added a Trim Paths, easy eased and the same keyframed end point from 0 to 100% copy and pasted onto each Trimed Path.

All these were pre-composed into a "reveal" layer, which then became the track matte of the pre-composed artwork itself based on the Alpha channel.

To finish the intro, a 3D camera was added to zoom out and allow space for the animated text. A couple of Light Sweep effects were added just to engage the eye on the text after the Picasso art had been drawn on the screen.