These videos are all exercises in making looping videos using After Effects

Undulating strings were formed using the Line generator emanating from the centre of the composition (x=1920/2). These were repeated through randomised values on the  3 axes values, trying to avoid any clumps. Two Tao repeaters were used, colour applied by colouring a 400x400 precomp with an initial b/w liner Gradient Ramp, and then the Colorama Effect applied and the Sunset preset chosen. Fractal settings were keyframed between 0 and 500, and the loop setting applied. 

This is a version of the blue sphere loop below, but with the component spheres being rendered as n-gons, giving a crystalline form. An adjustment layer with a Hue, Saturation effect was added to shift the hue value to a purple. Loop made by rotating from 0 to 360 degrees in x axis.

The spheres are made from the segments of a circular Tao ring, spread by randomisation through the 3 axes of 3D space. A 400x400 precomp with a 4-colour-gradient was created to shade the spheres and give the illusion of depth - the 4 colours being lighter and darker tones of one hue (blue). A spot light was placed in the centre of the Tao segments by checking the camera view from the Top and Left.