Magazine/ Newspaper/ Book animation

This template I constructed will take images of the pages of a book/ magazine/ newspaper, and animate them in 3D space with page turns. The page on the right becomes the back of the new left page when it is being animated in. Once the page hits 90 degrees from the plane, expressions control the visibility of the newly turning page. Use of parenting means that animating one page actually controls the motion of the two.

The publication is then rotated in 3D space to add interest and dynamic movement to the composition.

Looping "Low Poly" Background

I love the "low poly" style for creating subtle modern backgrounds. It's a style quite often seen as smartphone wallpapers. I created this as a looping animation.

Blue Swirling Background Loop (generated via ink drop)

This unusual background was generated via one ink drop rotated in diagonal. Upon this was added a heavy blur and a twirl effect. A continuous loop was then created from the result.

Ink Drop Heart Reveal

I created this animation from one ink drop motion, rotated and reflected. Using levels and grey scale, these were duplicated and coloured, with the coloured versions being revealed by a heart shaped mask.

Animated blue looped background

This subtle shimmering background is a perfect loop. 

Diagonal Symmetry Ink Dot animation

One ink dot is copied, recoloured, re-timed, and rotated to form an interesting animated background

Animated Website scroll

Showing a website scrolling on a computer monitor. Monitor image was taking from the web, and a series of screen grabs from the website were knitted together into a long composition. Use of masks hid the off-screen portion of the website, with the scroll controlled by keyframes.

Animated Web Search

This is a Motion Graphics animation of a web search. A fun aspect of this was the use of expressions to make a binary switch between the arrow cursor and the switch to a hand cursor as it enters the region of a link.