An original design looking at the charactor of the Bishop from the famous art treasure - the Lewis Chessmen. I tried to bring out a slightly mysterious character to him using colour, an imaginary pathway and some celestial background elements. I used another of my locally photographed textures to give a nice organic cosmic effect - from a stone wall near to my flat. You can take such a texture, turn it black and white in Adobe Photoshop with a filter, and with a Levels adjustment layer you "crush" the blacks and white - maybe having having added a Brightness/ Contrast layer beforehand. This is a great way to add organic elements to vector-based imagery in Adobe Illustrator - and opens your eyes to lots of great details around your local community. 

Blends in Illustrator feature heavily to add contours and some cross hatching. Shadows and highlights were added using layers with different Blend modes and transparencies. The "planets" also follow the Golden Ratio, just for completeness. The nearest part of the "pathway" is softened by use of an Opactity mask, where a greyscale gradient lets a fade out occur.

lewis bishop2