I've never seen a good quality version of this original poster - only a low quality, highly pixelated jpeg from the internet. I loved the lines, so saw it as a challenging project to redraw in vectors and hence have a high-quality form. I changed the colours to a more modern theme, and took the liberty of adding a pair of headphones in a nod to the "Psychedelic" feeling of the original.

The US wartime poster "Rosie the Riveter" has inspired many, with it's empowered theme and style. This drawing is based on the work of another illustrator who copied this original poster, and I in turn modernised it further.

This is a design copied from Gaslight Anthem album Handwritten. I love the clean, economic drawing style and the evocative presentation. This was a fun challenge to draw, and I just added my own details on the book spines etc for comedic effect.

I love the clean style and colours of many newspaper illustrations. With Adobe Illustrator, I enjoyed taking such an illustration and recreating it with slight variation in line and colour.

The use of colour to signify perspective and layers is great: strong colours to the front, muted tones to the back. It was a great was to master repeating and moving the same element multiple times to form more complex shapes, such as in the industrial constructions. Also the constant clean curves of the pipework an enjoyable challenge to get right!