Czech Art Nouveau painter and decorative artist Alphonse Mucha is a huge inspiration to me. I've wanted to examine his style and just how he creates these marvellous designs which seems to have given birth to the exciting Art Nouveau style. Drawn with Adobe Illustrator by me.

What I found most satisfying was finding a way to draw the hair - using the Pen tool and then varying the width. Those strokes were then expanded into shapes, which in turn could be assigned a stroke. Before that last step, a pathfinder join on those shapes created the mesh.

This is a copy of a work from the music industry, if I recall. I spent a fair bit of time on the eyes - which are what our brains zone in on when we recognise something as a human face.

I particularly like the use of the hexagon background, with gradient ramp and cut out inner boarder. (Edit: the original image was used by Kasabian).

I love the look of clean well drawn Infographic elements. This 3D ribbon set of options came out so well! I used the shades of colour panel in Adobe Illustrator to get the right tone for the shaded part, which gives a lovely 3D depth to the graphic

This is a common style of background illustration for the theme of technology. There is something suggestive about the array of hexagons - perhaps similar to chemical models of molecules?

The blurred array of "lit/ unit" circles pushed into the background in Z-space, could be a LED display, or the bulb data display from earlier generations of technology. The colours are clean and cool.

Constructivism is a style that feels to modern, even though it's over a century old. These "Constructivist Arrows" are a recreation of a modern take on the style. The flow and energy is terrific, and the colour palette I used was from the Adobe Illustrator palette designed from this period and style.

I've never seen a good quality version of this original poster - only a low quality, highly pixelated jpeg from the internet. I loved the lines, so saw it as a challenging project to redraw in vectors and hence have a high-quality form. I changed the colours to a more modern theme, and took the liberty of adding a pair of headphones in a nod to the "Psychedelic" feeling of the original.

The US wartime poster "Rosie the Riveter" has inspired many, with it's empowered theme and style. This drawing is based on the work of another illustrator who copied this original poster, and I in turn modernised it further.

This is a design copied from Gaslight Anthem album Handwritten. I love the clean, economic drawing style and the evocative presentation. This was a fun challenge to draw, and I just added my own details on the book spines etc for comedic effect.