Advertisment can be a great place to find colour and images that work well. This really caught my eye as something to try recreating digitally - from an Aeroflot 1960s promotional brochure, again from the book "Designed in the USSR 1950-1989" (p233).

Initially I was keen to recreate the famous Aeroflot globe logo, a genre beloved of travel companies to this day. The happy baker was pretty fun, so he got added in. By this point, I felt it was worth carrying on to completion. I used the Pencil tool for the woman and child, the Pen tool with Reflection tool for the airplanes. The globe logo and the wings logo were created using the Shape builder tool. The real fun aspect of this design is that it is in the form of a question mark, a lovely touch!

In Adobe Photoshop, I added a slight texture by imposing a picture of old paper onto a top layer, with Blend Mode set to Color Burn.

aeroflot advert 1969