More inspiration from the book volume "Designed in the USSR 1950-1989" published by Phaidon. (See Vectoring an old social awareness image for my previous work inspired by this book).

"Technical Aesthetics" by the VNIITE Institute was a monthly magazine published in the former Soviet Union. This original illustration featured on the magazine cover for August 1969 edition.

I just loved the design, the rhythm in the shapes, cupped in a beautiful "egg" shape - for which the Clipping Mask feature (Cntrl 7) in Adobe Illustrator was just perfect for. This provides the rounded ends of the tools.

Using some colour palettes from my CC Library, I played with some colour themes which I enjoy.

technical aesthetics VNIITE cover8 black

technical aesthetics VNIITE cover8 red

technical aesthetics VNIITE cover8 green