I just called this cartoon "big guy luvs his mum".  It is a recreation of part of a Liam Longcroft original work, again attempted from admiration & inspiration. I was particularly struck by the sheer quality and flow of his lines - particularly in the exaggerated muscular arm nearest to the viewer. Also I love the boldness of the exaggerated distortion in perspective, the difference in arm size that results is extraordinary!

The inked lines are made using my own art-brush, the same as described in my article "Jackie K after Jeffrey Everett". To create better flowing lines, I used a technique that encourages bold flowing strokes, often overshooting before and after where you want the final line to be, but safe in the knowledge that through expanding the strokes and using Pathfinder: Divide, the resulting extraneous line elements can be independently deleted. Once this is done, Pathfinder: Merge can knit the line work together.

Colouring was done using Blob Brush on lower levels, with some use of the Blend Modes to create shadow tones on skin and t-shirt etc. 

Finally, to create the white outline to add emphasis and separate from the background, I copied the layer with the linked outline, used Pathfinder: Merge and Pathfinder: Unite to create a shape representing the figure as a whole, then using the Appearance Panel to add a think white stoke to this layer, placed one above the background elements.