Recently I took a visit to the Salvation Army depot on Dumbarton Road, where they raise money be selling pre-loved furniture, clothes and lots of interesting things. I picked up a few graphic design volumes to get inspiration and to see the different styles used by artists. I love clean vectors with interplay of negative space, so I wanted to try recreating this lovely graphic. I am fairly happy at how it turned out. It is from Contact Creative Illustration, 28th edition.

The original is by stunning artist Chris Mitchell FCSD, his work for the brand icon of Bohemia Beer. I used colour palette extracted from a local street poster.
To make the sides of the main contour and that of the highlight/ shadow the same, I experimented duplicating the main shape (highlight on top), and performing Pathfinder: Divide with the two shapes selected. As it likely forms a group, ungroup and select the overlap of the top shape, and delete it, leaving a perfect shared edge.