In amongst studying Adobe Illustrator this afternoon, I chanced upon two LinkedIn Learning documentaries. The first was on 80's graphics being recreated for the 20th annivesary of the birth of Photoshop. I'll refer to that in another post.

But that documentary led me on to the most facinating educational documentary I have ever seen on the origins of Motion Graphics. Today that artform is also ubquitaously associated with animation software like Adobe After Effects, so maybe I always just assumed that that was how Mograph originated?

Not so - the unqiue quality and look that defeined the early decades were due to the technology used - it was analogue and hardware generated. Introducing the great people and technology which created a whole new field of visual art ......

Scanimate: The Origins of Computer Motion Graphics - Film from Scanimate: The Origins of Computer Motion Graphics by Dave Sieg and Nick Campbell