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linkedin learningLinkedIn Learning Certificates

LinkedIn Learning is an online course website offering video courses taught by industry experts in software, creative, and business skills.  As the reviewer from the website careersidekick.com pointed out in the article "Is LinkedIn Learning Worth It? LinkedIn Learning Review, Costs and More"

I mentioned earlier that this is particularly useful for job seekers, or someone applying for a promotion/raise.  Basically, anyone who needs to boost their resume and get the attention of a hiring manager. Here’s why: Employers want to hire (and promote) people who are proactive about improving/learning. People who are motivated and want to succeed.

Why do they love this so much? Because you can’t teach this stuff! People either “have it” or they don’t. So when you show employers you have this trait, it will set you apart from most other job seekers immediately.

Below are listed my certificates from LinkedIn Learning. They cover software expertise in Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesignMaxon Cinema4D. 

Other skills I have been awarded for are not software specific. These include principles of great design, effective visual composition, typography, colour theory, digital content marketing, and developing style guides for branding.

Each certificate is inscribed with this motif:

By continuing to learn, you have expanded your perspective, sharpened your skills, and made yourself even more in demand.

That is and continues to be my express intention.

Motion Graphics

After Effects Guru: Animating Infographics 

After Effects Guru: Animating Typography 

After Effects Guru: Plugins You Should Know 

After Effects Guru: Using Generator Effects 

Motion Graphic Design: Composition 

Motion Graphics Loops: 1 Photoshop Techniques 

Motion Graphics Loops: 2 After Effects Techniques 

Practical Motion Background Workshop 

Animation Foundations: Fundamentals 



Getting started with Cinema 4D R20 

Cinema 4D R19 Essential Training: Motion Graphics 

Mograph Techniques: Animating with C4D Effectors 

Introduction to 3D 


Premiere Pro Guru: Markers 



Creating Infographics with Illustrator 

Drawing Vector Graphics: Brand Character Design 

Spotting Logo Trends 

Graphic Design: Logo Design Tips and Tricks 

Learning Digital Painting 

Photography: First Steps 

Drawing Vector Graphics: Isometric Illustration 

Drawing Vector Graphics: Painting with Vectors 



Layout and Composition: Grids 

Universal Principles of Design 

Developing a Style Guide 


InDesign CC 2019 Essential Training 



iOS App Development: Essential Courses 

Drupal 8 Essential Training: 2 Building Out Your Website 



Jonah Berger on Viral Marketing 

Content Marketing: Podcasts and Audio