I love seeing and using a good "star burst" as the background to an illustration or design. A star burst gives energy and has lovely clean lines. I don't know why there aren't better tools to create this common design element - so here's one built from scratch - with a cheeky twist!!


In 2018 the cream of Scotland's industrial organisers and thinkers came together to examine how Scotland could develop "An Industrial Strategy for People", including the leader of the Scottish Labour Party.

Given this brief, I created a modern sleek design using a young woman in silhouette to transmit a modern image and avoiding the rich heritage of male-dominated imagery.

Then I drew a series of icons summerising these industries: chemistry, renewable energy, oil, engineering, IT, agriculture, fishing. 

A hand-drawn series of jigsaw pieces (Adobe Illustrator), set up as masks for a series of pictures. The images here are from the Outer Hebrides, the west side of the Isle of Lewis (where I am originally from).

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