It's true that in some respects, it is sad to realise that this icon of Glasgow's proud industrial heritage is a non-functioning cantilever crane, an ornamental structure and not a useful tool. It is still, of course, magnificent - and drawing it was a pleasant opportunity to look at it's structure. 

In an age where technology is thought of as the Internet and computing, we loose ourselves if we lack an understanding of the power of manufacturing. Massive scale, brutal metal-melting temperatures, immense power utilised by masterpieces of engineering - such as embodied in this crane.

Creating this original vector image was a challenge, but one which I revelled in. Line weight and detail were very much explored in making this. I ended up making a number of Pattern Brushes to deal with the intricate structure of the tower. The Blend Tool was very useful in tackling the upper railing, which I undertook in sections.

I am proud of this work, which has personal significance to me.

crane05x 80