Growing up long before either the Internet, Free View, YouTube or Netflix were a thing... my favourite visual treat in the weekly schedule were the Saturday afternoon TV cartoons. Typically, these were of the classic mid 20th century Tom and Jerry/ Bugs Bunny/ Daffy Duck genre. The lush smooth animation style was so labour intensive - but I didn't care (or know about that) as a kid - it was my perfect idea of a cartoon.

During the school holidays - the diet was different. Laurel and Hardy offerings were unbeatable - but then would come cartoons of a quite different visual and animation style - the 60s/70s Pink Panther is ingrained in my memory. I really didn't like them as a kid - they seemed weird & quirky, the drawing wasn't lush but jagged, simplified, angular and jerky. 

But hey, one of the things about getting a bit older is that your tastes change, your character grows. So when perusing one of my illustration example books, I was strangely taken by the graphics of Sean Sims, particularly this car driver (which inspired me to try and recreate it).  It was a super education on how efficient this style is - and actually just how beautiful the "construction lines" are. 

Apart from the style, on a technical basis in Adobe Illustrator I found great use in the "draw inside" mode as a really useful tool - in the hat, the scarf and the trousers. Another useful technique was using a very subtle Roughen Effect on things like the side grills and and bag in the back. 

I really got a lot out of tackling this work - technically and artistically. Maybe I should give the quirky Pink Panther another chance after all :)