When I saw the original graphic work of Andrew Painter from London in one of my graphics books, I felt compelled to try drawing one of his characters in Adobe Illustrator

Not only is the graphic style superb, but he also manages to naturally capture motion and a sense of character

Line weight was important, giving solidity to the outline form in the black, and uniting the whole with the outer white line (which also makes the character "pop" against most backgrounds). Layers were structured along the lines of: head, hair, body, hands, face details, body details.

Initially, my idea was to add a white stroke (3pt) to each "body volume" (head, body, hair), but soon realised this separated each body part. So I copied each of these main shapes, placed them together on their own layer, expanded the appearance of each, and united them with Pathfinder. It was this large shape on a low lying layer, that received a 3pt white stroke, giving the desired effect.
The other technique I used to form separate hands from the body shape, was to place a straight line across each arm where I wished the separation with the Pen tool, then simply clicked the hand using the Shape Builder tool.

 With the monochrome palette of the character, and the white bold outline, this character seemed to work well with many different background colours.