Jeffrey Everett is a brilliant artist. His skill is indisputable, and his style is one which I love and would seek to emulate.

In this example, my main focus was on developing Adobe Illustrator brushes that can "feather" shapes in an almost an engraving style. The strong blocks of colour with these line details are so suited to Illustrator, and come across as sleek and modern.
I altered the colours slightly, and introduced Ben-Day dots to give a comic book feel.

The work was started by tackling the more detail-defining layer in blue. The I would lock that layer and create a new one under it, labelled Pink. A 3rd level uses a crudely marked out base white shape for the face and body, which in had a final background layer beneath (the Ben-Day dots).

I created 3 artist brushes based on one shape - a narrow ellipse with left and right anchor points turned to sharp corners by changing the join style. Once I had a good medium brush with the settings shown in the screen grab below, I copied it twice and changed the min and max settings to make a thinner brush and a thicker brush. That worked really well, and allowed me to tackle this project which I have long since wished to try out.

I am very pleased with the result, but even more joyous about all that I learned by doing it!

Brush Settings

This was how the medium brush was set up