I have to confess to getting "creeped out" by some of the organic creatures that talented 3D artists produce - they can be so realistic it's unnerving!

The method for creating the "tenderals" is fascinating - employing an Emitter object and applying a MoGraph Tracer object to them, which traces out the particle's tragectories. That by itself would not produce interesting lines, so a Turbulence object added real movement & interest.

These traced splines would not render, so they are given geometry by small circle spline being swept along the particle traces by a Sweep generator. A small sphere is placed into the Emitter to form the head of the tendrils, and the Sweep's finer details are adjusted to be thinner near the point of origin.

Spheres then are added, with a material using the same refractive index as common glass. A Sky object with an HDMI give reflective interest, with a Compositing tag set to don't show to camera.

tendrils2 0103Ab