So what's a Hyperlapse? It's a timelapse where the camera also moves.
I love how the rabbits appear to move so erratically - but it's just them finding the choicest blades of grass to nibble, as the camera takes pictures once every few seconds.

Again, I love seeing the movement of the clouds over time - to me it's literally awe-inspiring, a rhythm of nature than the naked eye can't easily see, but which can be captured by camera over time.

Filmed June 2018 in the Isle of Lewis, Outer Hebrides. Looking out towards the peatland moors & the ever-beautiful Beinn Bhragair.

In amongst my graphics work, I've been looking more carefully at typography. Words surround us and often they appear in digital form, or are printed from that digital form.

For those familiar with the Adobe Creative Suite bundle of software, that means getting onto Adobe InDesign. I have used it in the past, but I was awkward and never felt I was working in the way it was wishing to.

Only one solution - take a course in InDesign! 

So I'm happy to toot my horn and say I've just completed InDesign CC 2019 Essential Training over at LinkedIn Learning. I learned so much and took copious notes. This Adobe CC Cinderella I now truly see as a beautiful Princess! (Ok I know, I'm taking that too far :) ). 

Defining styles, discovering the Story Editor, threading Text Frames, importing text, formatting tables.... who knew there was so much fun to be had?! 

I feel much better equipped going into the future with typography and layout!

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Hi folks, just a note to say that I feel confident now to embrace Twitter as a digital creative

My Linkdn profile is here also.

I'm happy to say that I don't do Facebook anymore. Once you begin to question the business model, and the role of psychologists to make Apps addictive so that they can sell your screen time to advertisers, then you begin to realise that such a "service" isn't free. 

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